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My Name is Dustin, I am 22. Welcome.
Wrong Line.

1976 Saab 99

srs AE86 is srs!


R34 vs. R35


But like.. why. What if my stupid ass wants to run to Wawa for a milkshake, and I take the black key hoping to limit my gas usage and to provide for an optimum power level for drinking a milkshake whilst driving. But then some random Philly car shit goes down and there are half naked bitches everywhere in bikinis and a bunch of high horsepower Supras and GTRs start shredding down the street, and Vin Diesel comes out and starts jerking off and there are crowds of people waiting on me to make an epic milkshake-splattering burnout through the parking lot, but I took the fucking faggot ass black key today. 

^ Just convinced me to take the Red key always.